Kayseri in 2001, the first organized industrial region 3 people and 200 square meters in area steel door sector started KISMET STEEL DOOR, in 2003,700 square meters in 2004 and 1000 square meters in 2008 square feet 1800 to 5100 square meters in an area of continued service is. The fastest and most quickly reach the point of the whole of Turkey and with it the steel door was opened to the world market simply by not frequently mention the name has become a company. Materials used in production with great care by choosing quality, trust and timely delivery principle and the rich color and model year with 20,000 gates with a production capacity, production to export 70% of the country's economy by separating the contribution is proud of. Our objective is eccentric and life easier for those who want to go, to open a new door. Because, to a place, more people take a step from the floor, to the people living in that place that gives first impression about is the door. Technology behind a giant investment in our company, is the product of this philosophy.

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